RPA - Robotic Process Automation

“The best of productivity is the dream of every Business”- whom else could add this to your efficient team??

Awe them an ambiance to bloom their creativity!!

Get away from the tedious tasks and keep your workforce ready to explore amazing things for the business. Substitute Artificial intelligence as a digital workforce and experience the magic of technology curating the best of productivity. Robotic Process Automation or software robotics are in place to automate all that you need to simply from the back office to the frontline.
Get on with us to get the best of automation of works to contribute reconciliation from multiple systems, consistent and accurate tasks, in instants with supreme quality performances. Get the experts of RPA technology in Dubai to take your business to next level!!

Robotic process automation or software robotics is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots. Via artificial intelligence incorporation, they are into the automation of every type of business process and reducing the strenuous tasks. Compared to various enterprise automation tools available in the market, RPA advantage not only in compensating time and cost, but also the productivity of the employees.

Robotic Process Automation works well, as the magic of artificial employee. From handling front office queries to detailed document processing and forwarding, every work, where manual talents are required RPA substitutes its performance.

What all they do?

  • Logging into Applications
  • Document management
  • API management
  • Database management
  • Email management
  • Calculations and many more…

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • Fast and accurate performance
  • Easy to implement
  • High return on investment
  • Minimize back-office interventions
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved productivity


“The best of productivity is the dream of every Business”- whom else could add this to your efficient team??

Cyber Security

Guard your business with the best litigable and shielding Cyber Security Innovations!!

There is no threat to cyber-attack, that could bring down businesses easier. Get the most wanted cybersecurity experts in the Middle East, to safeguard every data. With impeccable cybersecurity solutions inclusive of incident response, penetration testing, simulated attacks, and Cybersecurity awareness programs, we offer the best, despite every challenge raised by advancing technology.

With us, your intellectual properties and data will be kept on high vigilance providing extreme assurance and guarantee. Get implemented with the advanced spectrum of cybersecurity and prosper throughout, never paying attention to hold your valuables. We provide cybersecurity resolutions with advanced soft wares and modern cyber threat awareness and management programs.

Why invest in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest requirements of firms operating with digital content or operations. From data management to storage, the threat is awaiting everywhere around. Just an awareness of cyber threats may not help with the threat from advanced digital platforms, but competitive knowledge and experience could definitely do.

Cybersecurity assures the security of IT frameworks and information from cyber dangers such as computer-assisted extortion, surveillance, attack, or vandalism. Most of the businesses of today are readily investing to meet cybersecurity requirements as their strategy to avoid or get away from being a victim of cyber-crime or threat. Hence cyber essentials, through to penetration testing, incident response, and certified training courses on cybersecurity are heavily demanded in the market.

Benefits of investing with Cybersecurity

  • Secure systems and information from unauthorized access
  • Improved data security and commerce coherence management
  • Improved partner certainty in your data security arrangements
  • Improved company qualifications with the right security controls in place
  • Faster recuperation times within the occasion of any security breach

Cyber Security

Guard your business with the best litigable and shielding Cyber Security Innovations!!

Security awareness

Security Awareness is a planned intervention supporting to build of a cybersecurity strategy with confidence. With the deep affinity to serve the advancing business environment of every client, we bring in expertise and innovation to craft the best model of security.

Get on with us to get an integrated, multistage continuous learning and awareness program, that could create the finest level of effectiveness in dealing with one and each threat in and around the work. With this most trusted cybersecurity program, any threat inside and outside can be met strategically.

Security Awareness supports organizations with a complete and comprehensive security awareness solution that could help the organizations to easily and effectively manage every threat of cybersecurity risk.

Why Cybersecurity?

The prime challenge of conducting a successful security awareness program is the transition of learners to the concept. With a strong team of cybersecurity experts, content specialists, and customer success specialists, we understand the challenges faced by organizations and support to overcome them, with very professional and scientific awareness training and services that will enable them to defend against any cyber-attack.

Cyber Security Specialists

We have a profound understanding of the finest social designing security and preparing for all current cyber dangers. Cybernas depends on the world’s biggest pool of subject matter specialists, who are the pioneers in their field.

Guided Training

At the side of a tremendous library of back materials and assets on best hones, we offer full back through program lets you stand up your security mindfulness program by scarcely lifting a finger and help to meet compliance and secure your organization.

Convenient, Integrated Training

With a one and all kind accommodated package of training and modern resources, we provide easy access to various integrated training convenient and helpful to make behavior change consistently.

Multi-Stage, Continuous Learning

Cybernas underpins to educate novel behaviors and empower maintenance requires an assortment of instructing strategies to lock in the learner to halt the foremost progressed social designing assaults and introduce secure behaviors.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness is a planned intervention supporting to build of a cybersecurity strategy with confidence.

Cyber Range

Construct computerized cyber reenactment solutions with continual performance!

Cyber ranges are virtual situations that utilize real organize gear, as required. They can run from single stand-alone ranges in a single school building or an organization to web reproducing ranges that are available from around the world.

Cyber ranges are intelligent, recreated representations of an organization’s local arrange, framework, devices, and applications that are associated with a simulated Web level environment. They give a secure, lawful environment to pick up hands-on cyber abilities and a secure environment for item development and security pose testing.

We help to challenge every threat from the real world with the best of Cyber Range implementations and experiences from our panel of security experts. We also provide required training and support for the employees to learn and recognize threats, such that instant responses arise. Scale-up your business with advanced cyber range solutions from us!!

Why Cyber Range?

A cyber range may incorporate genuine equipment and a computer program or maybe a combination of genuine and virtual components. Ranges may be interoperable with other cyber range situations. The Web level piece of the extended environment includes not as it was recreated activity, but to reproduces organize administrations such as webpages, browsers, and mail as required by the client.

Cyber ranges are beneficial for:

Cyber ranges can be used anywhere, with a necessity of simulated web environments with improved security against cyber threats are required.

  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Industries

Cyber Ranges helps to

  • Give performance-based learning and assessment
  • Provide a reenacted environment where groups can work together
  • Helps to progress collaboration and team capabilities
  • Provide real-time feedback Simulate the on-the-job experience
  • Provide an environment where new thoughts can be tried on complex cyber issues.

Cyber Range

Construct computerized cyber reenactment solutions with continual performance!

Be the Cybersecurity officer of your firm!

Own the best performing cybersecurity training tool!

We provide CyberStart security training programs to build an efficient team of guards within the firm. Add confidence and earn an advantage over extravagances or high-end prices for cybersecurity solutions. With real-time security threats and content, this gamified training program induces individual of any age to develop the finest level of security awareness and also help to incorporate proactive approaches towards the threat.

Explore CyberStart

CyberStart is an internet amusement designed to assist you to distinguish and create the aptitudes required to gotten to be a portion of the following era of cybersecurity experts. CyberStart permits each member to end up a “Cyber Security Agent” and find arrangements for game-like challenges. As you work your way through progressively troublesome levels you’ll be uncovered to over 266 cybersecurity challenges in Python programming, digital prove, and blue and ruddy group abilities.

This gamified training takes place through three consecutive stages-

CyberStart Go (Phase 1)

This is an initial phase, where the trainees will get invited to the concept and involve a few tasks and games that will develop interest among participants to explore more.

CyberStart Game (Phase 2)

During this phase, trainees will get more challenges to facilitate deep exposure to concerning real-time challenges.

CyberStart Essentials (Phase 3)

At this stage, trainees get exposure to a learning environment that incorporates modules and labs covering a run of cybersecurity expertise sets.

Turn on the gamified mode- Get the CyberStart Game!

This gamified cybersecurity program can be taken by individuals of any age, who look forward to developing or possess cybersecurity skills.

Be that pro in Cybersecurity – Start your guardianship without any prior knowledge or experience- All you need is just Curiosity to solve puzzles!!!


Be the Cybersecurity officer of your firm!Own the best performing cybersecurity training tool!

The next victim will not be you!!

Get to the know-how on that single or terrible loop, that may threaten/ threatened your existence. With the best cybersecurity expert. We collate advanced technology and scientific evidencing skills that will build strong and specific grounds in the light of digital and multimedia forensic support.

Fighting cyber theft or attack is never simple!

And we help you to uncover the level of expertise to fight with any uncertainties that may humiliate the cybersecurity of your personal or corporate network.


Digital Forensic Incident Response professionals prove and solve mysteries of cyber theft and threat in the light of forensic science and modern technologies. With various known computing disciplines like applied mathematics, computer science, information systems, and IT engineering; experts will identify, examine, and analyze the digital evidence to prove or disprove the matter of security concern.

Digital Forensic science experts will conclude every case with perfectly aligning digital evidence. With the most precise and accurate findings, DFIR experts always support clients with the best they could contribute and enhance the security

  • Digital evidence identification & legal authorization
  • Digital evidence preservation & acquisition
  • Forensic examination of the digital evidence
  • Forensic analysis of the digital evidence
  • Reporting & testifying

DFIRLABS assist and support individuals or organizations facing/faced any threat or issues, with advanced scientific interventions. With clear evidence, experts could guide the client with the extension of the threat for which they are being exposed.

Get on with us to know more…


The next victim will not be you!!Get to the know-how on that single or terrible loop,

CyberNas Talent Division is Providing Unparalleled and State-of-the-art Products, Services and Human Capital Solutions Designed to Empower Individuals and Organizations to Achieve Peak Performance and fulfil their unique potential.

Web have developed a unique one stop shop approach for Hiring, Developing, and Managing Cybersecurity workforce, from specialized Cyber Talent assessments, Identification, attraction, recruitment, Career path Development and workforce retention of highly performing cyber security experts.

CyberNas partners with Fortune 500 organizations, Government entities, Multinationals, and conglomerates, covering GCC, Middle East, and Africa assisting in acquiring and developing championship cyber security human capital capabilities.

List of services

  • Cyber Talent Contingent Recruitment
  • Cyber C-suite Level Executive Search and Selection
  • Cyber Talent Profiling and Assessments
  • Cyber Talent Background Check
  • Cyber Talent Reference Check
  • Cyber Talent Training and Development
  • Cyber Talent Executive Career Coaching and Mentoring
  • HR Business Partnership – Interim Management
  • Corporate outplacement, redundancy & restructuring Management Programs
  • Management Training Programs (Government)
  • Nationalization (UAE, KSA, Oman)
  • Project Teams Formation (Technical & Commercial)

We will expend the text under each text ourselves in the section allocated

Cyber Talent

CyberNas Talent Division is Providing Unparalleled and State-of-the-art Products, Service.

Certification in this era is essential; the fast-global economy and the increased need to match employer needs with workforce skills has changed the view of employment and points out the value of certification as it gives a standout.

Since there is a technology skills gap that can be felt in almost every country, being empowered with a certificate ensures the right balance of academic excellence; which is the educational background, and real-world skills; which comes with the certificate path.

We provide various vendor-based certifications, that includes the most three important pillars, Learn, Practice, Certify.

You can Learn by studying from the material provided that serves as the exam curriculum. Practice is testing your knowledge and skills in a performance-based assessment. It provides the same exam environment that sets the applicant in the mindset of the exam to better prepare. Finally, get Certified and get the recognition you need.

There is a wide variety of certificates based on the skill you want to excel.


Certification in this era is essential; the fast-global economy and the increased need to match employer needs with workforce skills.