Buyer’s Agreement

Buyer’s Agreement

Buyer’s Agreement


This Buyer’s Agreement is the integral part of Terms of Service and is made between the buyer and KHF Automotive LLC. All capitalized terms used in the Terms of Service shall apply to this Buyer’s Agreement with the same meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Service.

By submitting your buyer’s information to us and/or by buying products on the Website, the buyer agrees to proceed on the basis of this Buyer’s Agreement and Terms of Service. Please read this agreement carefully.

Process of Buying

All Users/Buyers in this website purchase spare parts through E-shopping or by Requesting for quotations .The buyer sends a request for quotation (RFQ) for spare parts in the website which shows the buyer’s intent to buy the requested parts. The Buyer agrees that all details regarding contacts, address, spare parts information are true, complete and accurate before submitting it to Us.(Via E-mail/ phone number/whats app/using any or all website portals functionalities provided by this website)

If buyer sends a request for spare parts without an account ,it will be requested enter contact details before submission. Payment and delivery conditions from the Us (the supplier) to the buyer shall be negotiated directly outside of the Website. Please read the Terms of Service for more information regarding no liability and indemnification terms and conditions.

Delivery and Payment of Products

All conditions of the transaction such as shipping method, payment of products, term of delivery shall be agreed between the buyer and the Us directly. We the supplier can ship the products directly to the buyer at the location provided to us in the details or after an inquiry between our staff and you via email, phone call or whats app.

Acceptance and Refund

Upon receiving the products the buyer shall inspect the product and may accept or reject the products if there is defect or faults observed. All refund and exchange of spare parts can only be done within 7 days upon receiving the product. The refund will be provided to product returned to us after checking its condition and Genuinity by our staffs. The buyer and the supplier shall agree acceptance and refund conditions directly.


The buyer agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations associated with using the Website.


Any matters not included in this Buyer’s Agreement shall be regulated by the Terms of Service.

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