“Your lifestyle is your health”

The proper healing towards the health lies in the elimination of the cause of illness. Good health is the most valuable possession you could possibly have. This simple truth applies as much to a newborn baby to the elderly mother, the doctor, a common man on the street or to the president of the country. When you become sick, you experiences discomfort which can be remedied by restoring to health and vitality. We are indeed capable of healing ourselves. Our health is reflexion of how we perceive our self and our lifestyle. When we become sick we got an urge to look for a solution that promises a quick relief. Today there are many drug and treatments for many illnesses. But still for many people, good or proper health remains a dream.

The preventable chronic diseases are the outcome of our unhealthy choices, be it in the diet we follow or the regimen we practice. Identifying the cause of these lifestyle diseases is critical, because the elimination of the causes is the obvious and only way to achieve healing and enhanced health.

Life style diseases are the diseases of the civilisation moment in which we live today. Almost all the diseases hearing in our day to day life turns to lifestyle disorders in near future. Headache, cervical disorders, low back pain etc. these diseases affect all irrespective of age, sex, physique, cast or creed.There are several curative processes on offer, but the most sought after among them is the AYURVEDIC way, simply because of its healing properties that helps a person deal with these diseases smartly without leaving any trace of side effects.

Ayurveda is a time tested system of medicines and has a comprehensive insight into the secrets of healing and longevity and a holistic perception. Ayurveda understood the intimate relationship between the mind and body long back. Ayurveda undergoes to the root of the problem and that means chances of relapse are very less. Other than medical science Ayurveda is a life science dealing with bringing about a bodily equilibrium leading to a healthy body, mind and soul.

Lifestyle diseases are many and one can prevent their attack by adopting a Satvic life style and following some of the basic facts of Ayurveda, which advices a person to lead a life that balances the tridoshas (vata,pittha & kapha).The basic natural law states that energy follows happiness. The human body has got  no-built in programmes for sickness. But it has got a programme for equilibrium or SWASTHA.

Healing is absent when happiness is absent. Any action that does not support this principle to increase “Sukha” (health) or arogya will create problem. When are unhappy you create “AMA”(disease)in physical and mental levels which affect circulation and joy.

In Ayurveda, diet and life style are specific to each individual, based on his/her physical & emotional characteristics. It is not a one- size-fits all solution that Ayurveda offers, as it with other medical systems. This is what makes Ayurveda unique and helps it stands apart from other health care systems.

Mostly are hardly aware of what is happening to them. The realisation comes only when there is sudden breakdown, emotional or physical studies show that around 54% of all mortalities are due to lifestyle disorders. The WHO has identified alcohol, tobacco, poor diet intake and lack of physical activity as major risk for all life style disorders.

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