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Welcome to Pome Tree

Pome Tree General Trading LLC, is a private owned company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We are a leading distributor, importer and exporter of Foodstuff and Beverages in the country. We have developed a reputation as the region’s specialist in distribution, import and export of business and consumer products to clients across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East.

To be recognized and respected as one of the premier Food and Beverages trading firms in the Middle East.

To provide impeccable quality through innovation, initiative and operating excellence.

To partner and collaborate with local and international distributors, suppliers and customers through simplicity, commitment, integrity and professionalism.

To gain market share and cater to all market segments through unmatched quality and service.

Vision and core values:

Top quality products!


We commit ourselves to providing impeccable quality at every stage and keeping our products and services quality consistent.


We take full accountability for our actions. We believe in honoring our contracts and obligations irrespective of the outcome.


We recognize the value of our Customers, Suppliers, Business Partners and fellow Team Members. We are accountable to each other.


We foster a culture of continuous improvement by seeking feedback, working closely with our clients and encouraging our employees.

Our Products

100% pure & natural!